At The Financial Times: Edward Luce on Biden,Clinton and Sanders, a comment by Political Reporter

Mr. Luce can’t let go of his credentials as a thoroughgoing establishmentarian. His look at the Democratic contest and his obvious choice of front runner Hillary makes that clear, she presents herself as Presidential. Which means that she and her team are adroit practitioners of effective Public Relations/Propaganda.

As for Mr. Biden, he is a New Democratic hack whose impending retirement from American politics is most welcome. With one important caution: it is reported that Biden acted as very important oppositional  voice to Clinton’s perpetual bellicosity: Ms. Clinton needs to prove that she is ‘tougher’ than any man in the room. This penchant is a dangerous one. If you need proof, the careers of both Victoria Nuland and foreign policy technocrat Anne-Marie Slaughter are the starkest of object lessons. And don’t forget the praise coming from Jeffrey Goldberg and William Kristol as indicative of what? These two Neo-Cons set a standard of political conduct that is prima facie suspect.

Sen. Sanders is the anti-Hillary: he is a ‘Populist’ , which is enough to give The Financial Times and it stable of commentators nightmares. Those bad dreams are then translated into perpetual political hysterics. He is by no means a perfect candidate, but he has enlivened the Democratic race, and made the stolid Neo-Liberal Ms. Clinton pay attention to that dreaded ‘Populism’. His ability to generate millions of dollars from small donors has been instructive of the power of Sen. Sanders’ message.

Political Reporter

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