Prashad, Stephens and Roberts on The Present Political Conundrum, a comment by Political Observer

Yesterday, September 29,2015 I watched Vijay Prashad on Democracy Now:

I then read Mr. Stephens essay:

On the very questions elucidated by Mr. Prashad, Mr. Stephens not only agrees but the commonalities are quite striking. Except for the fact that Mr. Prashad argues that the US policy of Regime Change and it’s role in creating, for Europe, an unprecedented Refugee Crisis, by means of a policy that has precipitated that crisis: Mr. Stephens studiously avoids this as part of an ideological perspective/fixation: But judge for yourself, the evidence is available. Prashad also considers the vexing question of European provincialism as indicative of a political/moral myopia: a question that is not simply beyond ideological consideration, but beyond the ken of Mr. Stephens.

Then read Paul Craig Roberts essay here:

Mr. Roberts covers the same territory as Prashad and Stephens, yet he comes from a completely different perspective and manages in his engaged and animated style to broaden the debate to the pernicious character of American Exceptionalism.

Political Observer

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