At The Financial Times : Emma Jacobs on Anne-Marie Slaughter, a comment by Political Reporter

For some revelatory background on Ms. Slaughter as Foreign Policy expert and Public Intellectual start here with Steve Breyman’s essay on Ms. Slaughter:

After her catastrophic Foreign Policy interventions, she now turns her attention to the conundrums of being a woman in the work force, and the fact that life is full of competing ‘goods’. What follows is Ms. Jacobs chattering to an elite readership of the FT. One questions occurs: what women or man wants to spend 60,70,80 hours a week working, as the in order too of finding fulfillment in corporate America, to the exclusion of all that might make a life possibly worth living?

All this placed under the rhetorical frame pioneered by ‘Lean In’ corporate apologist Sheryl Sandberg. Not much here, except the possibility for some breakfast table conversation with one’s spouse, or more likely a solitary cup of coffee at Starbucks, and some time on your tablet: checking your e mail, and the happy discovery that you, some how, are a full 20 minutes early today. And have time to devote to this essay, that somehow has intuited your juggling act of work,family and the ‘search for fulfillment’, before that early meeting taking place just 5 minutes away. It is almost as rewarding as the few minutes you spend in the bathroom with that 2 year old copy of People Magazine!

Political Reporter

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