Putin as The New Stalin, as stock character in Economist Melodrama

The Economist supplies Western propaganda as answer to Putin Propaganda? The New Cold War with Putin as The New Stalin has reached the point of no return. Are we continually ruled by manufactured crises?
What should we readers think of Poroshenko’s new laws?
Reported on here:
Under the headline:
‘Ukraine’s ‘anti-communist laws’ stir controversy
A raft of laws passed recently praise far-right groups that fought in WWII and ban the display of Soviet symbols’
Or here at a news source bound to rankle Economist readers:
Under the headline :
‘Poroshenko aims to change laws to allow foreigners into Ukrainian govt’
Or this from Russia Insider/Financial Times:
Under this headline etc.:
‘Kiev Begs IMF for More Money
The IMF has been reluctant to increase its own $17bn commitment, arguing that it has been carrying a disproportionate financial burden. It has been trying instead to muster new money from other international donors.  Why doesn’t Soros just write a check?’
Add this from the FT by Larry Summers:
Under the headline:
‘Reform-minded Ukraine merits debt reduction’
To The Economist editors: Do better than this tired recitation of the shopworn Party Line on Putin i.e. apologetics for US/NATO/EU political adventurism as the in order too of placing ABM’s at the border of Ukraine/Russia. And the imposition of Austerity in Ukraine: the advancement of the Neo-Liberal nightmare is ‘The Free Market’.
Political Observer


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