Political Observer comments on the essay ‘A Dangerious Modesty’ at The Economist

A damming bill of attainder! It reads like a revised script laid down by The Project for a New American Century. Or even an essay written by Neo-Imperial wunderkind Niall Ferguson, with the heavy hand of an editor, to excise the neologisms and to moderate the preening self-congratulatory tone.
Although another possibility would be Senator Tom Cotton as ghostwriter, again carefully edited. The invasion of Iraq was the beginning of endless war in the ‘Middle East’ that’s what the Neo-Cons envisioned and that is what we are stuck with, if we continue.  The basic philosophy of these thinkers is to create and sustain an exploitable chaos, and in that they have succeeded. The Neo-Con is enamored of war and bloodshed as long as it is not their own: Leo Strauss the paradigmatic intellectual.

What The Economist offers in this essay is a lengthy description of the ‘problem’ and some, not even prescriptions, but a dubious call for re-evaluation and action. Some kind of action in answer to the Obama passivity, as again diagnosed by the author/authors: this essay is an exercise of writing by committee. All of this framed by the comments , critiques of Foreign Policy technocrats, if not the authors of the failed policies of the past, then their students.

Political Observer

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