Mr. Signorile’s non-evolution, a comment by Queer Atheist

You have to give Mr. Signorile credit for his work for Gay Equality while recognizing that his tactic of ‘outing’ prominent public persons as gay was redolent of Robespierre’s political practice of public denunciation or even, more contemporaneously, with the political practice of Joe McCarthy. The point being that ‘homosexuals’ were existentially incapable of the exercise of morality, of ethically based civic practice and most importantly that they were deviants from the majority heterosexual behavior/practice/custom. Mr. Signorile openly traded on that closely held belief, in the name of it’s opposite.

As an author about to launch his book tour, Mr. Signorile trades on his expertise, meaning that he entertains no second thoughts as to strategies and methods of the past? As I experienced my ‘coming out’ it was about a through going re-examination of the whole of my existence, of my moral/ethical/political and sexual practices and beliefs over a span of time. Reconsideration and re-examination of my beliefs and practices has become a part of how I live my life.  Was it Socrates or Plato that said that the unexamined life is not worth living?  This whole essay reads like a press release.

Queer Atheist

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