David Frum on Jeb Bush, Hispanic: a comment by Philosophical Apprentice

Haven’t read Mr. Frum for quite a while ! One conjectures, is a book in the works? But Mr. Frum proves his value as a Bush Apologist, as this essay demonstrates. But not without some rhetorical sideswipes at Ms. Clinton, and her practice of personal/political self-exceptionalism.

One is reminded of the Financial Times essayist Edward Luce, whose rhetorical practice is expressed in a set of conjectures that usually opens his essay. As a reasonably well informed reader in the area of American political practice, one wonders at both Mr. Frum and Mr. Luce’s ability to produce what appears as self-serving myths, that express the ascertainable realities of American politics, as a function of their perceptions of reality, to look at these comments in the most charitable light.  One can see that those perceptions, in the form of political commentary, are really a function of a kind of sub rosa public relations. Their are more candid descriptions of this practice, yet one can see that Mr. Luce practices an apologetics for a foundering Neo-Liberal Paradigm, and Mr. Frum hopes to ingratiate himself to a future patron?

Philosophical Apprentice

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