The Economist and The Left, The Greeks,and Neo-Liberal ‘Reform’: a comment by Almost Marx

Is it any surprise that this editorial at The Economist begins with Left Wing hysteria mongering? This as the West finds itself covered in the soot of the Neo-Liberal delusion that turned to ash? The failure of Neo-Liberalism demands further Neo-Liberal ‘reforms’, so goes the Party Line of the apologists for that exhausted,demonstrably failed political/economic mirage. See Philip Mirowski’s Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste for the dismal history of  the Neo-Liberal Thought Collective’s mendacious ascendency and staying power:
For an alternative view to this Economist editorial see Jillian Tett’s essay at the Financial Times on debt forgiveness and the Germans, from an address by Benjamin Friedman, aptly titled A Predictable Pathology.
A link to Ms. Tett’s essay:
A link to Mr. Friedman’s essay:

Click to access friedman.pdf

The fact that the Germans were bailed out four times in the 20th Century 1924, 1929, 1932 and 1953. What bearing might that have on the Left Wing hysteria mongering at the Economist, and the issue of the Greeks and debt forgiveness? And/or a range of other options, open to EU technocrats, in alliance with the Greeks, to first and foremost alleviate the suffering of Greek citizens, as the primary issue, not the rescue of the Neo-Liberal delusion in it’s various iterations!  But the alleviation of the suffering of the Greeks is utterly antithetical to the whole of the Neo-Liberal Project:  civic good is in direct opposition to the argued ‘value’ of Markets and Market Discipline!

Almost Marx

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