Bellicose Economic Historian on the meaning of the Minsk Agreement, a comment by Political Observer

Mr. Niall Ferguson’s essay of February 13, 2015 titled ‘The Meaning of the Minsk Agreement’ is one more demonstration that the political cliches of the New Cold War have become fully integrated in the rhetoric of the Western Exceptionalist Political Theology. Although the pretentious ‘frozen conflict’ has replaced the notion of ‘stalemate’ from the Old Cold War. Nothing has changed except that Putin takes the place of Stalin as the political monster that needs to be defeated.

In his essay Mr. Ferguson addresses and admonishes the ‘armchair strategist’. Our scribbler has read the ‘fine print’ of the document and shares his superior knowledge with his reader. Yet our experience of Mr. Ferguson has been one that recoils at his imperial apologetics and his bellicosity: one would think/posit that a person with no military experience, might just hesitate in the face of his own ignorance, to advocate such a course of action, that is the answer he provides to vexing political questions. We know that his household deity is Eris, the god of mischief and discord, a god he serves without fail.

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