@RichLowry considers the candidacy Nikki Haley.

Political Observer comments, and quotes from McGeorge Bundy’s 1952 review of ‘God and Man at Yale’.

Some ‘highlights’ from the utterly unimpressive @RichLowry essay, on the equally unimpressive Nikki Haley:

Headline: Opinion | The Real Reason Nikki Haley May Struggle to Break Through

Sub-headline: It’s only partly about Trump.

It’s a sign, though, that Trump doesn’t feel threatened by her candidacy that he — focused solely on Meatball Ron aka DeSanctimonious, aka Florida Governor Ron DeSantis — didn’t personally blast her upon her entry.

Haley isn’t the former and doesn’t look to be the latter, either. Her path has to be Trump and/or DeSantis being much weaker than they appear or blowing one another up in a GOP Ragnarök that creates an opening for her. This is going to be the hoped-for path of any number of other candidates, as well, adding yet another layer of difficulty.

She deserves to make her case, though. If fortune doesn’t always favor the bold, no one has ever won a presidential race by not entering it.


It almost makes This Reader long for the days of that sanctimonious Oil Man’s brat, Wm. F. Buckley Jr., and his scolding reactionary chatter: sounding like a Hohenzollern Prince, whose Royal Privilege is now in the past tense. For added insights as to the character of Mr. Buckley, read McGeorge Bundy’s 1952 review of ‘God and Man at Yale’ at almost four thousand words:


Should the reader name this ‘review’ expressive of ‘historical irony’ ?

Political Observer


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