Upon the arrival of Vivek Ramaswamy… Let the ‘woke’ beware? Or The Plutocrat Cometh…

Almost Marx follows the incense, and kowtowing…

What does ‘woke’ mean? Think of the hysterics who inveigh against this- what it means is no longer a concern, but it is that elusive ‘substance’ , a political non-sequitur …that fires the political/moral imaginations of Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, former comedian Bill Maher. And a host of political opportunists, looking for a conveyance to various state capitals, and D.C.: an opportunity to jeer at Senile Old Joe, at the next State of the Union Address is the bait?

Daniel Lippman reports at Politico on Vivek Ramaswamy, the $500 Million Dollar Man:

Headline: The ‘CEO of Anti-Woke Inc.’ Has His Eye on the Presidency

Sub-headline: Vivek Ramaswamy leaves the boardroom for a barn in Iowa to test out his businessman-turned-culture-warrior brand on rural conservative voters.


Could The Reader compare ‘Woke’, to a burning ambition to be President? Or are they completely different ‘imperatives’ … the questions ask themselves.

Should I catalogue some apt quotations of Vivek Ramaswamy? Interspersed between the gush of Mr. Lippman. A politician need never fear, Politico treats its subjects with kid-gloves, unless you are Donald Trump.

“One of your main jobs as a senator is to make laws, and I came to understand that many senators were not interested in engaging in that job,” he said. “Their goal was to get on cable television, and I was already on cable television.”

Ramaswamy insisted this trip to Iowa and other prep work he’s doing for a potential run are serious; this isn’t a play for attention, he said. He has already fashioned a policy platform: defeating China economically, firing the “managerial class” of the federal government, drastically changing or shutting down large numbers of federal agencies, reforming the national security apparatus and shunning affirmative action. He says he is plotting out his potential cabinet too, impressed with the intellect of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the likes of Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), former Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds. (Pompeo, however, seems to have a different White House position in mind.)

What may be his most vital political asset are the resources he would bring to the race. Ramaswamy’s net worth is reportedly in excess of $500 million, enough to seed his campaign through the key early states.

The Republican Party’s id makes an inauspicious appearance, Freud will never die, as shorthand for Actual Thinking! That ‘Woke’ has morphed into a catch phrase ‘Woke Inc.’ that Ramaswamy, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, former comedian Bill Maher all use this descriptor ‘Woke’ , as a rhetorical placeholder for ‘The Left’ ! This is McCarthyism ‘re-branded’ in the common Neo-Liberal parlance, of our Age of Fracture :

Ramaswamy said he has had similar receptions on his 20-stop tour for his book “Woke Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam.” He said all of the compliments had been “humbling” and led him to believe he should give the presidential campaign a shot. That he’s even found himself on this path is a testament to how central fighting culture wars and the perceived malevolence of wokeness has become in the Republican Party’s id.

Ramaswamy offers an analysis, without Freud: ‘we lack a national identity’ with a assist from Mr. Lippman ‘woven it into their policy agendas’ and ‘a leader who shares his own vision’

The Reader has to wonder at the assertion that ‘we lack a national identity’‘We’ are The American National Security State, and We Rule The World with near absolute impunity? Except for our current failed Proxy War in Ukraine? Ramaswamy attempt to resuscitate an ersatz American Innocence?

“I think the GOP has a historic opportunity to answer the question of what it means to be an American at the moment where we lack a national identity,” he said. “I’m grateful that many Republican governors and other leaders have borrowed my message and woven it into their policy agendas. But when it comes to who leads our country next, I believe that it’s going to take a leader who shares his own vision, not someone else’s, and that’s what calls me to do this.”

Mr. Lippmann surprisingly interjects:

Ramaswamy’s self-confidence barometer is off the charts. When talking to his Iowa host Bruere, Ramaswamy speculated that if he were to jump in the race and start polling well, DeSantis might reconsider running. (To be clear, we’ll sooner see snow in Miami.)

But all the self-confidence in the world doesn’t change the fact that, for now, Ramaswamy is an interloper on the political scene. When he was in the Iowa State Capitol, he received a friendly reception on the House floor from Iowa House Majority Leader Matt Windschitl. But Iowa Republican State Rep. Anne Osmundson told me she didn’t know who he was. When I told her he was in town to talk about ESG, she asked me whether he was for or against it.

I’ll skip some of the the ‘political chaff’ , as provided by Mr. Lippman sometimes surprisingly insightful, and able reporting, on the political phenomenon of Vivek Ramaswamy …

Ramaswamy’s growing team now consists of nearly 20 people, including former Pennsylvania GOP Senate candidate Kathy Barnette to lead his potential grassroots efforts and Tricia McLaughlin, who led communications for Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s 2022 reelection campaign, as his press secretary. He’s hired Republican operative Rex Elsass’ political consultancy, based near Ramaswamy’s home in central Ohio, to run his potential operation, and Elsass’ top deputy Ben Yoho is expected to serve as “CEO” of any future campaign.

Despite his daunting chances of success, Ramaswamy does seem likely to take the plunge. His wife, Apoorva, who he said would be an “excellent” first lady, has told him that “her gut instinct” is that if he joins the race, “there’s a very good chance that you’ll win so make sure you’re ready for that.” He’s only slightly less optimistic.

“You know, maybe all of this is ill-advised and I’ll fall flat on my face,” he said. “I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

Almost Marx

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