The New York Times as propagandist for The American National Security State: Ukraine!

Political Reporter comments.

The Front page of March 20, 2022 proves that @NYT is part of The American National Security Propaganda apparatus. The Barbarism Of Putin’s War on Ukraine, as reported in the New York Times. Here is ‘its’ self-apologetic in 2004 for the War in Iraq coverage, ‘not as rigorous as it should have been’ but still wallowing in self-congratulation!

Over the last year this newspaper has shone the bright light of hindsight on decisions that led the United States into Iraq. We have examined the failings of American and allied intelligence, especially on the issue of Iraq’s weapons and possible Iraqi connections to international terrorists. We have studied the allegations of official gullibility and hype. It is past time we turned the same light on ourselves.

In doing so — reviewing hundreds of articles written during the prelude to war and into the early stages of the occupation — we found an enormous amount of journalism that we are proud of. In most cases, what we reported was an accurate reflection of the state of our knowledge at the time, much of it painstakingly extracted from intelligence agencies that were themselves dependent on sketchy information. And where those articles included incomplete information or pointed in a wrong direction, they were later overtaken by more and stronger information. That is how news coverage normally unfolds.

But we have found a number of instances of coverage that was not as rigorous as it should have been. In some cases, information that was controversial then, and seems questionable now, was insufficiently qualified or allowed to stand unchallenged. Looking back, we wish we had been more aggressive in re-examining the claims as new evidence emerged — or failed to emerge.

The ‘reporter’ Judy Miller :

Headline: Judith Miller Carried Water for the USA’s Worst Debacle Since Vietnam

Sub-headline: A publicity blitz aimed at reputation rehabilitation revives a telling personal memory for one journalist

But in the last few days, Miller has published a piece in the Wall Street Journal, “The Iraq War and Stubborn Myths, “ and The New York Times has reviewed her just-published book, The Story: A Reporter’s Journey, and I find myself thinking again about the 4,400 American dead, the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, the untold wounded and maimed, the waste of $4 trillion, the connection between the shattering of Iraq and the rise of ISIS, and not least, the fact that no one involved in the greatest American disaster since Vietnam has been held remotely accountable. So when I read Judith Miller saying, yet again, that a journalist is only as good as her sources, I found my blood pressure redlining.

Judith Miller Carried Water for the USA’s Worst Debacle Since Vietnam

Manufactured Political Amnesia is the imperative of the Corporate Press!

Political Reporter

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