‘Law and Order’, Eric Adams and the political/civic necessity of Citizen surveillance of Police.

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Headline: Eric Adams: Filming NYPD at Unsafe Range ‘Won’t Be Tolerated’


Eric Adams doesn’t define ‘unsafe range’, because in the police mentality, consonant with authoritarianism, hasn’t quite considered that his pronouncement will determined in a Court of Law! Mayor Adams has willfully forgotten ‘Stop and Frisk’ and Mayor Bloomberg’s surreptitious removal of Judge Shira A. Scheindlin from the case? A link to her exit interview:

Does the Mayor Adams think that the victims of this travesty have forgotten? What of the Police Murders across the Nation. A portion of the Mayor’s statement :

He continued, “Stop being on top of my police officers while they’re carrying out their jobs. That is not acceptable, and it won’t be tolerated. That is a very dangerous environment that you are creating when you are on top of that officer, who has an understanding of what he’s doing at the time, yelling ‘police brutality,’ yelling at the officer, calling them names.”

Nia Prater offers this on the record of the NYPD:

The increasing prevalence of cell phones has resulted in more recordings of police activity, particularly in volatile and tense situations. In 2014, video footage captured the moment when Eric Garner was detained by NYPD officers and later placed in a prohibited chokehold. The recording captured Garner repeating the words “I can’t breathe” and losing consciousness. He was later pronounced dead. In 2020, a 17-year-old used her cell phone to record Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis police officer, kneeling on the back and neck of George Floyd for more than nine minutes during an arrest. The footage became an integral piece of evidence in the resulting trial, and Chauvin was later sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison for Floyd’s murder.

The Police Reforms:

These are a revamped version of past anti-crime units, a type of plainclothes unit that had faced complaints of violent tactics. The units were disbanded in 2020 under then-Commissioner Dermot Shea, but Adams promised to revive them as part of his platform to decrease gun violence and the presence of illegal guns in New York.

The teams, made up of five officers each, will be deployed to 30 precincts across the city. The officers under the unit initially volunteered for the assignment but were ultimately selected following a vetting process and recommendations from their commanding officers. Team members took part in a seven-day training course beginning in February that included sections on community relations and constitutional policing.


Police policing Police? The Reporters, who video the Police, are the very necessary civic component, that will ensure, that what happens during the Police interventions, are subject to documentation. And not subject to post intervention Police Reports, as the only viable source of public information!

Essential to the rise of Eric Adam is the endorsement of The Manhattan Institute: recall its ‘Broken Windows Policing’ , the precursor to ‘Stop and Frisk’, and the enthusiasm, in its propaganda arm, of the City Journal:

Headline: The Promise of Pragmatism

Sub-headline: Can moderate Democratic leaders resist progressive excess?


Not forgetting Bret Stephens, in the New York Times, groveling hagiography:

Headline: Eric Adams Is Going to Save New York

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