Gideon Rachman’s premature Triumphalism , after only four days of ‘combat’ in Ukraine!

Political Observer comments.

The Reader of Mr. Rachman latest essay has to marvel at his essay, it should be more rightly named War Propaganda, aimed the ‘home front’, that is, its privileged readership.

Mr. Rachman can’t seem to contain his expression of Triumphalism, even after just four days into the conflict. The utter failure of Biden to commit American or NATO troops, to defend Ukraine in is ‘dark hour’ , demonstrates what? Not mentioned is the American/EU 2014 Coup, or the broken promises to Gorbachev. Mr. Rachman is moored in the eternal Political Present, where History is the servant of the Neo-Liberal/Neo-Conservative political alliance, that now commands the loyalty of Corporate Mass-Media!

To complete this is the long analysis of Putin, as political actor in the Post-Soviet governing system. Should The Reader recall that the amiable drunkard and American Puppet Yeltsin appointed Putin? Here is a link to a review of Boris Yel’tsin: Ot Rassveta do Zakata (Boris Yeltsin: From Dawn to Dusk) by Aleksandr Korzhakov, by Yeltsin’s bodyguard.

How Russia Is Ruled

What ends Mr. Rachman’s essay reeks of the black and white World of 1952, and its political monster Stalin, not quite in small caps, though it draws on this political hysteria of another time. Its Putin through the Old Cold War lens, in all its …

Political Observer

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