My replies to ‘Jorge’ in The Financial Times of January 18, 2022.

Headline: Is liberal Los Angeles ready for a billionaire mayor?

Sub-headline: Developer Rick Caruso shakes up race with vow to clean up crime and homelessness

I will post only my comments :

First comment:

Jorge you sound just like Richard Nixon of ’68’ of ’72, take your pick.

‘safety, law and order, whose policies exacerbate lawlessness’

When do you resurrect ‘The Silent Majority’ or a re-engineered ‘The Southern Strategy’ that demonizes the victims of The Neo-Liberal Swindle, gone bust? And the Undeserving Poor the favorite target of the Reaganites?


Jorge supplies a link in his reply to me :

Michael Shellenberger @ShellenbergerMDPeople say lack of housing forces local residents into the streets, but James says he came from Texas to San Francisco for the drugs, the non-enforcement of anti-camping laws, and the $820/month in welfare & food stamps. James says he sold fentanyl, 2 weeks ago, to a 15-year-old.

My second comment:

‘James’ is the paradigmatic figure of the undeserving poor? as presented by Schellenberger, who just by mistake, attaches MD to his name, and then makes sure he clears up the fact, that he is not an MD, as understood by most, as an honorific that denotes Education, a License to practice, and an expertise. Note that he has a books to sell!

I worked on a Legal Case, that had its offices in Santa Monica CA in the ’80’s. Where ‘James’ is? looks just like Santa Monica. I walked on the beach at lunch time, and passed the Homeless, that in those days waiting for a food truck that provided meals. I worked for two or three weeks.

What I saw were poor homeless people, and a few prediditory criminals who tried to exploit their size and strength, to terrorize those less able to defend themselves.

I knew that section of beach because my mother used to go there in 20’s & 30’s, when she was a child and women. We went in the 50’s for Birthday Parties, or when my mom got a small time case of wanderlust.

The Welfare State needs to be ressurected, and a New New Deal, as the order too of maintaining sanity, and the fact that all of ‘us’ share a common fate, or more poetically a common destiny. There are no undeserving poor , no ‘illegal aliens’ etc.




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