Edward Luce Or Patrick G. Vaughan? History Made To Measure or History?

Political Reporter asks the question.

This historical essay by Patrick G. Vaughn has escaped the attention of Mr. Luce: 

VAUGHAN, PATRICK G. “BEYOND BENIGN NEGLECT: ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI AND THE POLISH CRISIS OF 1980.” The Polish Review, vol. 44, no. 1, University of Illinois Press, 1999, pp. 3–28, http://www.jstor.org/stable/25779091.

Page 11 of PDF:

Page 12 of PDF:

Page 14 of PDF:

Page 15 of PDF:

Page 26 of the PDF:

Mr. Luce was born in 1968 , so he has no actual usable historical/political memory of 1980. I was 35 years old in 1980, and recall the events of that year, especially the rise of Lech Walesa and Solidarity. Mr Luce was looking for a ‘framing device’ for his recent essay, ‘a tough guy’ ! Luce names Zbigniew Brzezinski who showed the Soviets …

Its almost programmatic in terms of History Made To Measure, steeped in Political Melodrama, that evokes the faded memory, of that 21 inch black and white screen World of 1952. What one of Luce’s readers will possess a memory of , the historical knowledge, to challenge his assertions? Or just do a bit of research?

Headline: Biden should use cold war handbook to stop Putin’s Ukraine threat

Sub-headline: Jimmy Carter’s team helped secure the 1980 Soviet ‘non-invasion’ of Poland


Carter’s trump card was Zbigniew Brzezinski, his hawkish national security adviser, who was a native-born fluent Polish speaker and naturalised American, and who drew on a secret weapon — Ryszard Kuklinski, a senior Polish military official and spy for the CIA. Kuklinski was also a Polish liaison to the Soviet military. His reports were so tightly held that only Carter, Brzezinski and Walter Mondale, the vice-president, were permitted to read them.

The collection of screen captures I have offered, of Patrick G. Vaughn’s revelatory essay, offers a more nuanced view, of the events and actors, that Mr. Luce’s reductivism can’t even begin to approach! Why? Because Mr. Luce has produced propaganda? Without apology!

Political Reporter

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