Gideon Rachman’s new dialectic: ‘Putin the Rational’ vs ‘Vlad the Mad’, via Richard Nixon.

Political Observer comments.

Headline: Putin, Ukraine and the madman theory of diplomacy

Sub-headline: Western leaders cling to the hope that the Russian leader is bluffing about an invasion

‘Putin the Rational’ vs. ‘Vlad The Mad’ are the latest ‘catch phrases’ or propaganda devices from Mr. Rachman. As one of The Financial Times’ cadre of War Mongers, so enamored is Mr. Rachman of his borrowed, and embroidered upon creations, that he repeats each, as the place holders of actual thought: this is War Propaganda, the point of which is not to produce rational argument, but to evoke strong negative emotion.

‘Vlad The Mad’ is repeated five times, ‘’Putin the Rational’ is repeated seven times. The source of Mr. Rachman’s riff :

It was Richard Nixon who outlined the “madman theory”, when the US president told aides that it could be helpful if America’s enemies thought he was crazy enough to use nuclear weapons.

This Reader wonders if Biden, and his Amazon Cadre of Policy advisors , Wendy Sherman, Victoria Nuland, Samantha Power and Susan Rice will make of the ‘manufactured Ukrainian Crisis’? After the ignominious Afghan withdrawal, that has led to famine, or its equivalent, and the kidnapping of leading Afghan woman?

Political Observer

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