The French Political Melodrama: Episode ? As reported in The Times & The Telegraph. Based upon a ‘may’ and a ‘considers’!

Almost Marx yawns…

In the Times:

Headline: Marine Le Pen’s niece may switch allegiance to Éric Zemmour

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the hardline National Rally, has spoken of feeling “brutal, violent” hurt after her niece signalled she was considering backing the anti-Islam pundit Éric Zemmour in the French presidential election.

Marion Maréchal, 32, a former National Rally MP, was reported by Le Parisien to believe that her aunt was guilty of “incessant ideological and policy U-turns” and that Zemmour, 63, had “made a lot of progress” in acquiring presidential “posture, tone and gravitas” since launching his campaign. If she was hesitating about throwing her weight behind him, it was partly because “I don’t want to renew family rifts”.

“The coherence, vision, strategy mean that I am leaning towards Eric Zemmour, that’s for sure. But there is a family issue,” she told Le Figaro.

Le Pen, 53, told the CNews channel that she was hurt by Maréchal’s comments. “If I told you that it didn’t affect me, nobody would believe me,” she said. “It’s brutal, violent. It’s difficult for me. You’re never really ready for that sort of thing.”

She added that she was hurt because she had a “particular” relationship with her niece, having helped to bring her up as a child when both lived in the family mansion outside Paris.

In The Telegraph:

Headline: Marine Le Pen ‘betrayed’ as niece considers throwing her lot in with Eric Zemmour

Sub-headline: National Rally leader says Marion Maréchal’s ‘violent’ refusal to back her was all the more painful as she had ‘raised her’ like a daughter

Marine Le Pen has described her shock and hurt after her niece hinted she could back Right-wing rival Eric Zemmour for the French presidency in what would be a damaging blow to her campaign. 

In the latest chapter in a deepening family feud, Ms Le Pen, 53, said Marion Marechal’s penchant for Mr Zemmour, a 63-year old former TV polemist, was all the more painful as she had “raised her” like her own daughter.

Ms Maréchal, 32, who has dropped her former Le Pen surname, reportedly told Le Parisien newspaper that she would not support her aunt’s electoral bid under any circumstances because she had “changed political tack too often” to be credible.

Mr Zemmour, on the other hand, had “made a lot of progress in his stance, tone and seriousness”, she said.

In a separate interview with Le Figaro, she added: “His coherence, vision and strategy make me sway towards Eric Zemmour that’s for sure.”

Note that the American ‘Newspaper of Record’, The New York Times, is too busy warmongering to pay attention to this French Political Melodrama, although Macron is featured in this photo of the front page of January 29, 2022:

Note that in The Time’s ‘report’ Maréchal ‘may switch’, is the claim. And in Telegraph ‘report’ ‘I’m thinking about it’! This is almost a News Story! Of the two ‘reports’ The Telegraph’s is more complete, in its coverage of the politics of this French Political Melodrama.

Almost Marx

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