Fani Papageorgiou tarts up the Facebook ‘re-branding’!

Unrepentant Political Radical comments.

An ugly duckling looking for dates, framed by an American Male’s causal misogyny of ‘rating women’ via a one to ten numbers system. With the help of the Winklevoss Twins. Epic! The Aaron Spelling, for the teetering Neo-Liberal Age, Aaron Sorkin, wrote the 2010 movie.

Don’t need to look too closely to see the Larry Summers protégé Sheryl Sandberg, the epitome of Corporate Geishadom, in her ‘Lean In’ manifesto, is the ‘brain’ behind this pathetic ‘re-branding’ comedy! To note that Mr. Zuckerberg’s completely out of his depth! But its his habit of being. Anyone recall that ‘Listening Tour’?

Oxbridger Edward Luce diagnoses the problem , in The Financial Times of November 15, 2017:

Headline: The Zuckerberg delusion

Sub-headline: Facebook founder is a digital superstar, but he has poor human skills

Fani Papageorgiou adds the ‘Theseus’s paradox’ to tart up this story, with a very necessary snob appeal, to render this back page ‘news item’ , for a readership that rates with The Economist, for its view through a lorgnette!

Note that the New Robber Baron’s of Silicone Valley could end the shame of homelessness in their ‘neighborhood’ with no problem. Yet its like a recrudescence of ‘The Shadow Of The Winter Palace’ , Neo-Liberal version!

Unrepentant Political Radical

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