Surprise: The Editorial Board of The Financial Times enthusiastically endorses Eric Adams. Leftist Thinker comments.

Here is the concluding paragraph of The Editorial Board of The Financial Times comparing Eric Adams to ‘Mike’ Bloomberg:

Adams appealed less to progressives, but strong execution and effective administration can help sway voters. That is what made Michael Bloomberg popular and has been lacking under outgoing mayor Bill de Blasio. Adams also needs to find ways to work with Wall Street and the tech companies that provide much of the city’s tax base and new jobs. The lesson from Adams is that focusing on concrete achievements, rather than noisy culture wars, allows the Democrats to dominate the middle ground of US politics. Others in the party should follow his lead.

What might the reader of this ’editorial’ think of this Politico news item?

Headline: NYPD won’t release Adams’ disciplinary records

The NYPD has refused to release disciplinary records for Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams — despite a state law meant to lift the veil of secrecy around such documents.

Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, was an NYPD cop for 22 years, retiring as a captain in 2006. The future mayoral candidate was one of the department’s most vocal internal critics and founded a reform group, 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care. He has spoken publicly about being the target of four Internal Affairs Bureau investigations.

The NYPD has not released any documents related to Adams’ time as an officer, though, denying requests by POLITICO under the state’s Freedom of Information Law.

The state Legislature last year voted to make police disciplinary records public, repealing a law known as 50-a that kept them confidential. Law enforcement unions sued to stop the release, specifically objecting to publication of unsubstantiated allegations. They lost in court in February, and the publication of some records began.

But the NYPD is taking the position that it does not have to release records related to any investigation that does not result in a subsequent hearing or disciplinary action, or complaints that are not substantiated.

This from June 12, 2020 from NBC New York is demonstrative of what?

Headline: NY Police Disciplinary Records Made Public; Cuomo Orders Local Governments Reinvent Police Strategies

Sub-headline: Eliminating the law, known as Section 50-a, would make complaints against officers, as well as transcripts and final dispositions of disciplinary proceedings, public for the first time in decades

New York state lawmakers earlier this week repealed a decades-old law that has kept law enforcement officers’ disciplinary records secret and Gov. Andrew Cuomo made it official on Friday.

The repeal of the law known as Section 50-a was spurred by the local uproar over the death of George Floyd. Only Delaware has a similar law.

The measure to make officers’ records and misconduct complaints public was the first police change among several police accountability bills currently racing through the state legislature. Lawmakers passed other bills that would provide all state troopers with body cameras and ensure that police officers provide medical and mental health attention to people in custody.

Gov. Cuomo said Friday he will sign an executive order requiring local governments and agencies to “develop a plan that reinvents and modernizes police strategies.” Communities must create and implement a plan by April 1, the governor said, or they will not be eligible for state funding.

The plans must address force by police officers, crowd management, community policing, implicit bias awareness training, de-escalation training and practices, restorative justice practices, and community-based outreach.

“To say that every mayor must come up with a plan along these areas or [New York] would withhold state money is a model for where we ought to be dealing with 21st century civil rights in this country. Make on mistake, this is a new level that all other 49 governors ought to look at,” Rev. Al Sharpton said.

Cuomo signed police reform bills including the repeal of 50-a alongside Rev. Al Sharpton, Gwen Carr, Valerie Bell and other advocates, as well as New York State Senate Democratic Leader Andrew Stewart-Cousins and State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie.

The reform package signed by Cuomo repeals 50-a, bans chokeholds by law enforcement officers, prohibits false race-biased 911 reports and designates an independent prosecutor to investigate the civilian deaths in police custody.

Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch says state leaders have no reason to celebrate after “failing our communities for decades.”

“We will be permanently frozen, stripped of all resources and unable to do the job. We don’t want to see our communities suffer, but this is what Governor Cuomo and our elected leaders have chosen,” Lynch said.

NY Police Disciplinary Records Made Public; Cuomo Orders Local Governments Reinvent Police Strategies

The Editorial Board’s presentation of ‘Mike’ Bloomberg, as a mayor who set a standard, doesn’t just ignore his removal of Judge Shira A. Scheindlin, via mendacious political chicanery, it makes itself complicit in this crime against an independent judiciary!

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