Edward Luce has access to Joe Biden’s inner-self. Political Skeptic…

The reader just has to read this first sentence of Luce’s latest Biden apologetic, as not just comic, but resembling a Jerry Lewis comedy, post Dean, tinctured in The Marx Bros. ? Another choice might be a Corporate Political Melodrama, that rehabilitates the black and white screen of 1952, featuring a carefully edited version of ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’?      


Unsurprisingly , the reader notes that Luce continues to trade in clichés, the next sentences:

Conflict was always destined between Joe Biden the healer and Joe Biden the agent of change.

To govern is to choose. 

In the coming days, Biden will have to decide which of his two personas matters more. 

It is a measure of the tension between the two Bidens that we still cannot be sure which way he will turn.

The sense of emotional release after Donald Trump left office produced many overwrought — and premature — verdicts on the nature of Biden’s presidency. 


To break the monotony, Luce then appeals to authorities: Francis Fukuyama being one of a number. Note that Fukuyama is an acolyte of Leo Strauss, author of a mendacious re-write of vast portions of Western Philosophy. Fukuyama wrote a tract declaiming:

The Decay of American Political Institutions

We have a problem, but we can’t see it clearly because our focus too often discounts history.


In his essay Fukuyama attacks the whole of the meliorist politics of the American 20th Century. What possible interest can Fukuyama have, in or about, American Democracy? The possibility of being considered an historian of the caliber of Henry Adams ?

After some some current Political History Made to Measure, Luce returns to the more serviceable cliché:

Biden’s second barrier is himself. Great presidents of both parties — from Roosevelt to Reagan — personify the country’s change of era.

Half of Biden is stuck in romantic attachment to a bipartisan era that no longer exists.

There are no deals to be struck on preserving US democracy. 

For things to remain the same — Biden’s dearest wish — everything must change.


The reader marvels at the ‘fact’ that Luce enjoys access to the inner-self of Joe Biden.

I heard on the news today, that the Corporate Tax increase, in the Biden legislation is now ‘off the table’!

Political Skeptic

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