Thomas L. Friedman, a ‘New York Times Public Intellectual’ in a hysterical mood! Old Socialist jeers!

Headline: How the Mideast Conflict Is Blowing Up the Region, the Democratic Party and Every Synagogue in America

Here are the first two paragraphs, of Mr. Friedman’s hysterically framed comment, on the Zionist Faschist State’s blitzkrieg against the Palestinians:

Lord knows, I sympathize with President Biden’s desire to avoid getting dragged into mediating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But the 11 days of fighting between Israel and Hamas made something crystal clear to me: Unless we preserve at least the potential of a two-state solution, the one-state reality that would emerge in its place won’t just blow up Israel, the West Bank and Gaza; it could very well blow up the Democratic Party and every Jewish organization and synagogue in America.

Yes, that’s what I learned last week.

Note the the 11 days of fighting‘! As Friedman frames the Israeli blitzkrieg! But the prediction of a ‘blow up’ that reaches the very cogs of The American Empire: the Democratic Party, ,every Jewish Organization and synagogue in America. Hysteria mongering ,to give it it’s rightful name! It’s as if Friedman asks the reader to accept the political fiction that he not a loyal partisan of Zionism! Or that the Settler Movement has not rendered ‘The Two State Solution’ a dead letter.

None the less Friedman treats the ‘Two State Fiction’ as viable. And describes the potential battles between ‘Centrist Democrats, in sum Neo-Liberals, and the Progressives, certainly not the Elizabeth Warren wing of the party? More like the Bernie Sanders wing?

Next comes the bruising battles in the synagogues of America, that ends in ‘And anti-Semitism will flourish under the guise of anti-Zionism.’ In sum, BDS is by definition Anti-Semitism!

As the past two weeks demonstrated, every Jewish organization and synagogue in America will be heatedly divided over this question: Are you willing to defend a one-state Israel that is not even pretending to be a democracy anymore, a one-state Israel whose leaders prefer to rely on the uncritical support of evangelicals than the critical support of Jews?

Finally, Jewish and non-Jewish students on every college campus also will be forced to wrestle with this question or run as far away as possible from the debate. More and more will abandon Israel. You can already see it happening. And anti-Semitism will flourish under the guise of anti-Zionism.

Should it surprise the reader, that Friedman writes a History Made to Measure, based upon some actual information, of two weeks duration? Carefully embroidered with the speculation of a Zionist Partisan, about the toxic motives of the BDS organization. Is sum, BDS is, in the reductivism of Mr. Friedman, Anti-Semitic prima facie. The reader is then presented by the prescriptive Friedman, in just 620 more words!

Old Socialist

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