edward.luce@ft.com on Joe Biden’s troubled political future! Almost Marx comments.

As former speech writer for Larry Summers, and his soon-to-be Boswell, Luce is to put it mildly, as obtuse as Larry, two utterly clueless white males! The headline writers of his newspaper use the notion of ‘urban crime wave‘, can this be more freighted with racial negativity, or does honesty demand the descriptor animus?

Further is his essay Luce add this to his essay :

Biden wants to pass a bill to dilute the “qualified immunity” that makes it so hard to prosecute offending officers, except in extreme cases such as that of Derek Chauvin, who was convicted last month of murdering George Floyd. Although it is extremely rare to convict a police officer, the bill is unlikely to get anywhere.

Here is Joe in 1993 on ‘predators’ 

The fiction is that Joe has ‘evolved’: this ‘a bill to dilute the “qualified immunity’ demonstrates that Joe’s racism, now enjoys sub rosa status.

As an example Mr. Luce ponders the question of rising crime in New York City, and its effect on the Mayoral contest, taking shape:

It is notable that the two New York mayoral candidates who are leading the pack — Andrew Yang and Eric Adams — have been clearest in condemning “defund the police”. Dianne Morales, the candidate who has embraced it most openly, is polling at just 5 per cent. According to Gallup, only a fifth of African-Americans want fewer police on the streets. The evidence supports them. Where police are more visible, crime usually falls.


As Mr. Luce ponders a possible negative future for Biden, in the political context of the New York City mayoral race, should the reader look for a return of ‘Broken Windows Policing’ of The Manhattan Institute, that became the failed ‘Stop and Frisk’? In a Post-Pandemic context, checking for proof of Vaccination will or could be the rationale for these ‘Stops’, or something tied to the issue of Public Safety? While a willful forgetting of Mayor Bloomberg’s political/jurisprudential machinations in this case still hold?

Almost Marx

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