On The Bespoke Suited Victimologists, Episode XL: Martin Indyk on Joe Biden’s ‘pivot’. Political Observer scoffs!

The Financial Times obligingly presents a capsule version of a possible CV for Mr. Indyk:

The writer is a former US Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations, distinguished fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and author of the forthcoming book “Master of the Game: Henry Kissinger and the Art of Middle East Diplomacy.”

It’s as if the reader is unable to make a connection, by just the title of Indyk’s new book, in praise war criminal *Kissinger, his stance toward the  ‘Gaza-Israel conflict’ ? There is no ‘conflict’ but the bombing of a civilian population by the Zionist Fascist State! Mr. Indyk is an integral part of a branch of ‘American diplomacy’ that continually worked to realize the ‘Two State Solution’. That came to nothing, but an opportunity for an increasingly reactionary politics, that expressed itself in the Settler Movement, that over time made the Two State Solution impossible. Didn’t Krauthammer describe this theft as ‘grandma needed to put an extension on her kitchen’ ? Mr. Indyk and his successors like Aaron David Miller were the sub rosa assistants to realize the Zionist State’s adoption of Lebensraum. Is this invidious ?

Mr. Indyk jejune exploration of the evolving Foreign Policy of Joe Biden, expressed by means of carefully cultivated, highfaluting bourgeoise political cliché: the imperatives of the American Empire, are the province of the ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ who fail to see the wider vistas of the well paid Court Historian/Propagandist? The Foreign Policy Technocrat, and her home in the infrastructure of Think Tanks , of every hue- the ‘expert’ celebrated by Lippmann as a ‘check’ against ‘too much democracy’ has been realized by the alliance between that Technocracy, Corporate Media and Government.

Here is an example of Mr. Indyk’s chatter:

Because Biden’s team was not paying sufficient attention, he was slow to pick up the signals that Israel had crossed the guard rails. His advisers did eventually intervene with Netanyahu, persuading him to suspend the Palestinian evictions in East Jerusalem, curb police excesses at al-Aqsa mosque, and reroute a provocative march away from the Old City. But it was too little too late. Hamas seized the opportunity to become “the sword of Jerusalem” by launching rockets towards the Holy City.


What can the reader make of this that Israel had crossed the guard rails‘ ? Mr. Indyk is a partisan speaking the language of political equivocation, the lingua franca of the Technocracy! That partisanship is demonstrated by the very next paragraph:

Biden is now depending on Netanyahu to bring the war to a quick conclusion. Despite the braggadocio, the prime minister’s objectives appear limited to setting back Hamas’s war-making capabilities and re-establishing Israel’s deterrent power. He has long since abandoned any notion of ending Hamas rule in Gaza.

Skip to the last two paragraphs of Mr. Indyk’s political intervention, where he demonstrates his ability the be both a fool and a knave: the Zionist apologists have perfected this alchemy!

If a ceasefire can take hold, Biden will have barely had to lift a finger. But if he is to stay focused on his priorities elsewhere, he will still have to resist the siren song of Israeli-Palestinian peace, a hopeless challenge with the current leaderships. He will also be dependent on Netanyahu to avoid provocations. And his aides will have to help restore Palestinian hope in the two-state solution Biden espouses. But he can do that in small, incremental steps.

Biden’s pivot appears to have survived its first Middle Eastern test. But the volatility of the place ensures there will be more to come. Hopefully by then his local partners will have come to understand their roles in an America-supported, rather than American-led, regional order and that will make it easier for Biden to avoid being sucked back into the Middle East morass.

. Political Observer

*Here is a link to Edward Luce’s interview with Kissinger of July 20, 2018 in The Financial Times. Mr. Luce attempt to snare Kissinger, its almost comic, if it weren’t so utterly pathetic! 


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