Macron v Le Pen as reported in The Financial Times. Political Skeptic comments .

Macron’s signature ‘Jupertarian Politics’ is the deadest of dead letters! He (M. 37%) has stumbled over his own egoism, and his toxic ambition to lead the foundering EU, Neo-Liberalism’s in all its ghostly apparitions, has stalled in answer to The Pandemic . But Victor Mallet repeats the Party Line on Macron and the gilets jaune. The violence of the French Police, against demonstrators, has been well documented, except on Corp. Media, who act as apologists for Macron’s ‘reforms’.

Macron’s signature economic reforms, for example to the costly state pension and unemployment benefits systems, have also been stopped in their tracks by the pandemic. Those reforms had already been challenged by the sometimes violent anti-government gilets jaunes protests that erupted across the country in 2018 and persisted for more than a year, but they had appealed to many of the country’s centre-right voters.

By keeping the reforms on his to-do list, Macron alienates many working-class voters, and by failing to follow through with them he alienates entrepreneurs and much of the middle class. Significantly, many gilets jaunes protesters at the start of the movement were Le Pen supporters from outside Paris, even if some of the later demonstrations were taken over by anarchists and supporters of the far left.

These protests have continued every Saturday, and haven’t been reported in this newspaper, an impediment to the worship to this incompetent énarque . Twitter is a ‘source’ antithetical’ to Corp. Media?

Macron once looked like the political actor, who would eviserate French Socialism. Here is Neo-Con Bret Stephens in 2017, in The New York Times, in thrall to his own infatuation with the ‘reformer’ Macron.

Here is a telling part of Ben Hall’s essay on Macron:

It was always hard to slot Emmanuel Macron into a political category. He ascended the pinnacle of the French state as a party outsider who went beyond left and right while borrowing from both. “En même temps” turned into an early trademark. Progressive on cultural issues and a critic of the over-weaning state, Macron has never been the true liberal foreigners saw or wanted to see.

Now, nearly four years into his presidency, it is harder than ever to identify the essence of Macronism. But the question of what he stands for is becoming ever more pressing. In little over a year, France will be in the midst of another polarising presidential election campaign. In all likelihood, it will end in a repeat of 2017’s run-off between Macron and the far-right leader Marine Le Pen. If November’s election was a pivotal moment for US democracy, next year’s contest will determine the fate of the Fifth Republic and probably survival of the EU if an ultranationalist like Le Pen took over the Elysée Palace.

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