Janan Ganesh on the Biden’s ‘bolder stratagem of unavailability’. Political Cynic comments.

The ‘radically unavailable president’ of the headline writers, Mr. Ganesh celebrates in the more sedate ‘the bolder stratagem of unavailability‘. Biden apologetics, in his telling looks away from the Blinken faux pas with the Chinese, meant to demonstrate ‘toughness’ ? Blinken is not a diplomat, but a New Cold War Ideologue. And Joe’s being goaded/manipulated  by New Democratic Loyalist Stephanopoulos into calling Putin a ‘killer’! Putin recalled the Russian Ambassador for consultations. Putin’s response, as reported in The New York Times is telling!

“When I was a child, when we argued in the courtyard, we said the following: ‘If you call someone names, that’s really your name,’” Mr. Putin said, quoting a Russian schoolyard rhyme. “When we characterize other people, or even when we characterize other states, other people, it is always as though we are looking in the mirror.”

The Ganesh View of Biden doesn’t confront the fact that the president can’t even climb the stairs to his jet, but he meets Mr. Ganesh’s ‘the bolder stratagem of unavailability‘. Mr. Ganesh needs to sharpen his skills as Biden Apologist. Perhaps a re-read of that Edward L. Bernays classic of 1928? 

Political Cynic 



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