The Gavin Newsome recall as ‘reported’ in Politico. Political Observer comments.

From the same people that brought ‘you’ George Deukmejian , Pete Wilson of Prop 187 infamy, ‘Hollywood Republicans’ who advanced the political career of another washed-up ‘actor’ Arnold. Newsom, a NeoLiberal and of Old Money with the wrong pedigree! Howard Jarvis’ Prop 13 invigorated the Recall as the instrument of political reaction, followed by Prop 187 and Prop 22.

Ronald Reagan & his collection of racist whites, who, like Reagan, hated student ‘radicals’ like Mario Savio, who call themselves ‘natives’. And the daughters, sons and grand, great-grandchildren of the Oakies and Arkies, that came West during the Depression. And became integral parts of the Cold War munitions industries, and announced themselves as ‘Entrepreneurs’ instead of cogs in the ‘Defense Industries‘. 

Now the Trump coterie and its even more radical political agenda, steeped in nihilism, now profit from the lessons taught to them by their more politically respectable precursors. All those respectable Bush Republicans, and the Neo-Cons, now wonder at the ‘why’ of Trump and Trumpism. Unable to face reality that the Party has slipped out of their control. Mitt Romney and his allies are mere befuddled onlookers. 

After the successful recall of Newsom, who might be the candidate be? 

Political Observer

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