The London Sunday Times on Macron: who ‘won so decisively in 2017’ . Old Socialist comments.

Should the regular reader of this newspaper be surprised at this paragraph in this ‘news story’ about Le Pen?

Headline: Marine Le Pen purrs as President Macron’s attack dog scampers round to the right

It is Macron himself who is likely to be squaring off against the leader of the National Rally in April 2022 in a rerun of the duel he won so decisively in 2017. Yet it was Darmanin, 38 — whose views on immigration and religious separatism are not far from Le Pen’s own — who was chosen as the attack dog to take on the cat lover.

This CNN report on the 2017 French election, has escaped the attention of the Times’ reporter, in Paris, Peter Conradi? That details the election results of 2017.

Headline: A record number of French voters cast their ballots for nobody

Emmanuel Macron’s triumph 
over Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election has been hailed as a landslide victory for the centrist candidate and a widespread rejection of his rival’s far-right platform.

But Macron’s mandate may not be as overwhelming as it seems. A record number of French voters were so dismayed by their options that they either skipped the election or cast their ballots for no one at all.

The so-called “ballot blanc,” or white ballot, has a long history as a protest vote in France, going all the way back to the French Revolution. This time around, nearly 9% of voters cast blank or spoiled ballots – the highest ever since the Fifth Republic was founded in 1958.

For now, the votes, which are counted towards the turnout, are largely symbolic. But there is a movement underway for the blank ballots to count as a share of the overall election vote. According to a recent Ifop poll, 40% of French voters said they would cast a blank vote if it were recognized under French law.

The statistics from 2017:

Macron: 20,257,167

Le Pen: 10,584,454

Abstentions: 11,416,454

White or Spoiled ballots: 4,054,395

More Abstentions that those who cast Le Pen. 832, 000

The total of Abstentions and White or Spoiled Ballots: 15, 461,849

Abstentions and White & Spoiled ballots out number the votes cast for Le Pen by 4,877,440

These statistics demonstrate that Macron’s ‘victory’ was about an electorate deeply divided: 26,046,307 ‘voted against Macron’ , to put it more self-serving terms. The Times just follows the Corporate Party Line on Macron.His ‘Jupertarian Politics’ has been abandoned, in favor of hard-line and unapologetic Neo-Liberalism. In sum he has become Francois Fillon. To see what is actually going on in France, all the reader need do is go to twitter and enter the words ‘gilets jaunes’ !

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