Janan Ganesh on the ‘Two Joe Biden’s Mythology’. Political Reporter Comments

How will Joe Biden’s attempted self-rescue, almost before the fact, from historical/political failure be accomplished? The question is at this point is moot. But Mr. Ganesh offers the compromise position in the ‘Two Biden’s Mythology’, the reader is offered this political miniature. (Note that the first sentence is not just wide of the political facts, the ‘Left’s best case against Biden’ was about ‘tactics’ not about ‘ideology’, in the 2020 Campaign? Per example : Medicare For All was ideological!)

The left’s best case against the Biden candidacy was always tactical, not ideological. It posits that a man who entered Washington in 1972 has never quite adjusted to the rise of partisanship. Such is his trust in the good faith of his opponents, that he would be easy meat for them. Such is his commitment to the oneness of America, that he would prefer a bland presidency to a provocatively active one. His half a century in public life would appear to make them right. But the platform that he ran on and still espouses points quite the other way. The next four years hinge on which is the truer Mr Biden — the bold manifesto or the emollient tone — and on whether he is even conscious of the tension.

Mr. Ganesh joins Andrew Sullivan and Jonathan Turley, in their stern warnings, that Joe might just be going to fast, in his approach to governance, Post Trump. Mr. Ganesh expresses it in another, but more highfalutin, rhetorical key.

Political Reporter

P.S. Mr. Ganesh can’t resist his love of evocative authorial embroidery. The companion to his telling aphorisms…


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