Edward Luce ‘experiences’ the American Nightmare! Political Skeptic comments.

On January 03, 2021 Mr. Luce issued a stern warning about the Fed, and its toxic effects, the exacerbation ‘inequality’, a la Piketty?


Late yesterday Mr. Luce faced the grim reality of that ‘inequality’ , and its toxic effects, on large segment of an American population? Anarchy abetted by the D.C. Police, as the video on Social Media makes abundantly clear. Where were the Armed Troops of the BLM demonstrations in D.C. ? Even Mr. Luce manages to make that same inquiry.

Mr. Luce’s scolding of these ‘deplorables’, and its leader Trump, in which he conveniently elides the transgenerational effects of the Neo-Liberalism, he and his newspaper have championed, since the rise of Thatcher/Reagan. The rhetorical strategy that Luce adopts is to focus on the ‘Evils of Trump’ as the root cause, attempting to confront the effects of a more than forty year attachment, to the Hayek/Mises/Friedman amalgam of Neo-Liberalism, is simply an impossible thought, to even entertain. The immerseration of both the Working Class and the Middle Class is the result of this forty year Social/Political Engineering. The ‘as if ‘: Trump just appeared out of the American Political Swamp sui generis , instead being a product of this economic/political collapse.

The Whole of America’s Political Class birthed Trump, with the help of political scribblers like Mr. Luce and his newspaper.

The patient reader, will confront, at the end of Mr. Luce’s essay, Mitt Romney, Mr. 47% , as the paradigmatic Political Hero, made by Mattel.

As senators were being hurried to safety by Capitol Hill police, Mitt Romney, the Utah senator, who has been a rare Republican voice warning of Mr Trump’s authoritarianism, yelled to GOP colleagues: “This is what you’ve gotten.” He was right.

Agree with him or not, Mr Romney speaks for the party that used to care about the US constitution, law and order, America’s standing in the world, and civility in politics. Those who have thrown their lot in with Mr Trump are now tied to his mob. They may not have expected events to turn quite so dark. But that was the gamble they took. As John F Kennedy said in his own inaugural address: “Those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside.”


Political Skeptic

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