Will ‘Joe Biden & Son’ survive their own… Almost Marx comments

A ‘news story’ so damaging to Joe Biden, that Twitter censored the New York Post’s tweets, of their actual news story. Jack Dorsey’s minions vainly tried to ‘kill’ this! Glenn Greenwald offers the sordid details of the censorship, and the fellow travelers. The utterly reactionary Sunday Times finds this worthy of its frontpage, post election, even post Christmas, a sample :

Headline: Spectre of son’s scandal to haunt Joe Biden presidency

‘At the high point of Joe Biden’s presidential election campaign in October, a blockbuster story emerged about his son, Hunter, and explosive material from Hunter’s laptop, allegedly left at a repair shop in Delaware. The leak, it was claimed, gave the lie to his father’s oft-repeated claim that he had no knowledge of the 50-year-old’s eyebrow-raising business activities.
Emails showed Hunter being thanked for introducing an associate from a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, to his father. They even appeared to show Hunter putting aside money from a business deal with China for “the big guy”, who was alleged to be his father.
It was a story with incendiary potential, yet outside the confines of conservative media, Hunter remained an unexploded bomb. Most media outlets all but ignored it. Social media went even further, with Twitter suspending The New York Post’s account and blocking access to the story. Many Biden supporters claimed the laptop leak was Russian disinformation, though the veracity of its contents has never been denied.
Yet after the election, it was revealed that Hunter is the subject of a justice department investigation into potential criminal violations of tax and money laundering laws, and the story is rolling downhill fast, with the potential to disrupt Biden’s presidency significantly. In his statement acknowledging the investigation, Hunter insisted that his affairs were handled “legally and appropriately”, and there was no indication that his father was caught up in the inquiry.’


The possibilities that ‘if’ the Republicans keep control of the Senate, in sum, the New Democrats can’t get Neo-Liberal Ossoff elected: there will be an Inquiry that will put the incompetent dullard Muller, and the deranged political hysterics of Schiff …
Consider that Joe, who cut $1200 to $600, call it ‘long division Neo-Liberal style’, so as not to coddle we lesser beings, of the disappeared Republic. Austerity for the hoi polloi and Billions for a rapacious Capital. The Property Party has ‘two wings‘: The Republicans & New Democrats!

Happy New Year,

Almost Marx

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