Dr. Janan Ganesh diagnoses ‘Liberal Dread’. Political Observer comments.

There are no ‘Liberals’ only Neo-Liberals! Corporate Media have a political allergy to the term! The Democrats ,capitulated to the New Democrats in 1992, with the election of Clinton and his familiar. In sum Reaganism Lite! Ganesh Cliche Mongering chatter, just part of his riff upon himself, as corporate conformist. That being an expression of Corporate good citizenship.

There is almost no politician good enough to prise voters en masse from the opposing half of the electorate — the last to win more than 400 electoral college votes was George H W Bush, in 1988.

That working class women,Blacks and Latinos were an integral part of the Trump voters, in 2020, should not surprise! As in 1968, when voters who supported Robert Kennedy during the primaries, cast their ballots for George Wallace, that merged to become 9 million strong.

Near the end of his essay Mr. Ganesh lapses into near political kitsch:

Of course, even the narrowest win is still potentially world-changing. It is no more possible to be half-president than half-pregnant. If elected, Mr Biden could unwind much of Mr Trump’s foreign policy, regardless of which party controls the Senate. His election would be toasted in Nato headquarters and the chancelleries of most US allies. Executive power will also matter in the fight against the pandemic. And even a raising of the presidential tone is worth something.

But, then he recovers his pundit’s equilibrium:

No, if there is a sense of liberal dread today, it is less about the scotched dreams of a progressive realignment than Mr Trump’s dismaying resilience. For four years, he has lived down to the Democrats’ direst expectations and remained electorally competitive. Not enough Americans regard him as a tyrant or a klutz, or care either way. Even if he loses, he has done well enough to remain the Republicans’ reference point in opposition and a plausible candidate in 2024.

Political Observer

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