Niall Ferguson’s on Internet Oligarchs and ‘Joe Biden & Son’. Old Socialist comments

That the hallowed ‘Free Market’ created Monsters is a surprise to Mr. Ferguson? He uses ‘We’ as his distopian descriptor , while ‘The Yawning Heights’ is more apt. As usual he rambles and furnishes a maladroit, or wan apologetic? for the business partnership of ‘Joe Baden & Son’ that ends here:

‘I am even open to the theory that the whole story is bunk, the emails fake, and the laptop and its hard-drive an infowars gift from Russia, with love.’

Mr. Ferguson in New Cold Warrior drag, framed by hysterical Anti-Russian political cliche. Its way past time to deem the Internet a Public Utility and place these ‘providers‘ under strict State Control, in the name of Free Speech via The Bill of Rights and The Constitution. Oh, the screeching and gnashing of teeth! of the Free Marketeers, who are, at this point in political time, resemble, in every way, the callabos of these Internet Oligarchs.

With ‘Reform Republican’, Josh Hawley, leading the way for prompt Senate Hearings. This, a plan of self-rescue, in light of the inability of the ‘Political Class’ to pass another economic aid bill, in the face of a ever approaching political/economic collapse? With Election day mere weeks away, what better way to demonstrate a simulacrum of political resolve?

Old Socialist

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