The Trinity of Politics/Religion/Jurisprudence rule American Life. Old Socialist comments

There can be no doubt of the fact that Politics/Religion/Jurisprudence constitute the ruling triumvirate in American Civic Life, as the nomination of Amy Barrett make plain. Except to those who somehow think, that this alliance cannot be, in a vaunted secular nation.

The reader need only look to the rise of two Americans: Cotton Mather, of The Salem Witch Trials, and his use of ‘Spectral Evidence’  and of Johnathan Edwards of ‘Sinner In The Hands Of An Angry God’. And then trace these two themes, as they both evolved in American history, political and civic. 

I offer my historical sketch:  Brown v. Board I & II, The passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act, and the concomitant Dixiecrat’s near total desertion of the Democratic Party, for the Republican Party , Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy’,  The rise of The Religious Right,  and its militant anti-abortion cadre, The Federalist Society and the ‘Textualist’ and ‘Originalist’ interpretive stances, being the antidotes to the Judicial Overreach of Brown v. Board. The denial of a Supreme Court seat to Robert Bork, was the alarm that warned the Republican’s, that they must present candidates, for confirmation, who didn’t look and act like a caricature out of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  William Rehnquist and Scalia were the test cases.

Much more to say on this question!

Old Socialist 


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