edward.luce@ft.com conjures a Demon? Political Observer comments

The Second American Civil War is just evolving as the ‘norm’ , in our country, with the bad actors The Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Bois, and the Political Class’ favorite Antifa– Mr. Luce ‘conjures’ QAnon, as the epitome of what fuels Trump and Trumpism: not just in extremis, but as the American variant of Political Islam, al-Qaeda. Mr. Luce trades on the Orientalists tropes exposed by Edward Said, that have metastasized, since 9/11, into an over-ripe political toxin.

Mr. Luce’s fear-mongering, at such a pitch, leaves this reader to speculate about this pundit’s desperation, to seem relevant, or even prescient, in an evolving collection of political moments, that seems out of reach of rational descriptors, thought.

Look at the pre-revolutionary situation in America: the murder, by criminal police, of black people, political protesters, BLM and others, attacked by those same police, mass evictions due to the political class’ indifference, to the lesser being who cannot match Corporate Power and influence. In California wildfires burning out of control, smoke so thick that it blots out the sun…

Political Observer 



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