Political Erasure, as practiced by Edward Luce. Old Socialist comments

Mr. Luce’s political erasure is about the Republican Party of :

The post WWII  politics ,  the New Deal as a ‘Generation of Treason’,  McCarthyism in its iterations.  

The mass political migration of the Dixiecrats into the Republican Party, post the Civil Rights & Voting Right Acts of ’64 & ’65.

The 1964 Barry Goldwater campaign:‘extremism in pursuit of liberty is no vice’. The purge of the ‘Liberals’ at the Cow Palace. 

The political rehabilitation of Richard Nixon in 1968: The Silent Majority & The Southern Strategy. 

The rise of Ronald Reagan in 1976 & 1980: ‘Welfare Queens Driving Cadillacs’, ‘I believe in States Rights’ 1980 Neshoba County Fair.

The election of Bush The Elder: Lee Atwater’s ‘Willie  Horton‘!    

The election of Bush The Younger in 2000: The rise of ‘The Architect’ Karl Rove & ‘The hanging chad’. 

The rise of ‘The Tea Party’ in 2009, that was the immediate reactionary precursor of Trump/Trumpism.

Mr. Luce’s History Made to Measure is a quick snap-shot, about the ever changing American present moment. That with a bit more due diligence, not to speak of political candor, could have given the reader more. 

Old Socialist 





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