Edward Luce on the political virtue of the Biden/Harris team. Old Socialist scoffs

Headline:Biden frames 2020 as a fight between light and darkness

Sub-headline: The Democratic nominee wants this presidential contest to be about character

Crime Bill Joe & the California Attorney General ,who sent the parents of truant children to jail, Kamala Harris: not quite the characterization as presented in the political gush by Mr. Luce. But this has to be the most jejune expression of Mr. Luce’s particular brand of political kitsch:

‘But when the choice is reduced to personality opposites — an ageing Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader — the strangest bedfellows fall into line’. 

It aspires to the standards of one of those Cecil B. De Mille Biblical Epics. But the dull-witted George Lucas, and his Star Wars movie serial Transcendentalism  & Luce’s kitsch, a marriage made in Public Relations Nirvana! 




 Replying to WesteringHo

The whole of America’s Political Class midwived Trump! The very notion that Trump is a political anomaly is the purest bunk! He is the political creature of the utterly collapsed Neo-Liberal Swindle, and the two Parties, that made that Swindle possible, yet still can’t admit their collective culpability! 
There is no ‘Rule of Law’,  but there are the imperatives of The American National Security State, and its legislative and jurisprudential servants. 
The very notion of some kind of ‘Restoration’, as we sink further into the status of a failed State…
Biden gave a speech riffing on ‘Light’ vs ‘Dark’ , it was impressive for its recitation of political cliche, framed in that old American standard  Political Theology: Cotton Mather tinctured in Jonathan Edwards?
The New York Times was awash in Biden euphoria, even the the self-proclaimed America Political Prophet, David Brooks, sang from the same hymnal.
Regards, and thank you for your comment

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