@FT ‘reports’ on Belarus. Old Socialist comments

Headline: Russia says it is ready to provide Belarus with military support

Sub-headline: Up to 200,000 people protest in Minsk as Kremlin give its backing and Nato says it is ‘closely monitoring’ situation


How obvious can this repeat of Ukraine be? All that is missing is Neo-Con ghoul Victoria Nuland, passing out chocolate chip cookies to the ‘Freedom Fighters’ !
In geopolitical terms, just look to the fact that Belarus shares a common border with Russia. The ‘NATO multinational presence’ is just the ersatz cover, for more New Cold War attacks against Putin’s Russian, at its periphery. 

The discontent of this state’s populous, should not be minimized, but note just who might be the potential political players: NATO, FDD, The Atlantic Council, American backed NGO’s and other wealthy New Cold Warriors, are the same actors that subverted the duly elected government of Ukraine.    
The question that remains is what will Putin do, to the check this further encroachment of the American Empire’s obvious, continuing encirclement of Russia? The Anti-Russian Hysterics are a political/moral toxin: proceed with caution is an antithetical strategy to these zealots.   

Old Socialist 


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