Neo-Conservative Bret Stephens calls himself a Conservative, of a very particular kind ! Old Socialist comments

Headline:On Being a Biden Conservative

Sub-headline: It’s about upholding your principles at the expense of your politics.

Mr. Stephens can always be depended upon for proclaiming his political/moral uprightness, that equals the voice of political reason. Like his fellow traveler David Brooks. That ‘Biden Conservatism’ is equal to that of  George H.W. Bush’s conservatism. Recall that ‘Thousand Points Of Light’ merde? Or even the Lee Atwater Willie Horton racist hysteria of 1988? Or Bush The Elder checking his watch during the ‘Debate’ with Bill Clinton and Ross Perot? Mr. Stephens depends on the cultivated , not to speak of a self-willed political ignorance, of his readers, in the political present:


Whatever else he does, Biden won’t expend his political capital belittling, demeaning and humiliating other Americans. He won’t treat opponents as enemies, or subordinates as toadies, or take supporters for fools. Joe Biden is the Democratic equivalent of George H.W. Bush — another ambitious vice president who believed in loyalty and decency more than in any particular set of ideas. History remembers the senior Bush’s presidency well.

More of  Stephens’ hyperbolically expressed political/moral self-congratulation: 


To be a Biden conservative isn’t easy. It’s about upholding your principles at the expense of your politics, and embracing mediocrity to ward off malevolence. Above all, it’s about curbing your enthusiasm. If that isn’t conservative, what is?


Old Socialist



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