On the craven ambition of Macron: Episode CMIII ‘The Beirut explosion’. Old Socialist comments

Headline: Beirut explosion: France’s Macron warns Lebanon on need for reform

Sub-headline: International donors pledge aid in wake of explosion that devastated Beirut

There is nothing like the craven ambition of Macron! He covets the Leadership of the EU , even in the early stages of its slow-motion collapse. While his En Marche still faces persistent popular resistance.
The Neo-Liberal Project is being eviscerated by Covid, and its economic wake. That Project faces the rise of the New Intellectual/Political/Economic Triad of Keynes/Piketty/Marx!
Macron, ever in search for a ‘politically sexy’ Photo Op, this heart-wrenching catastrophe offers the perfect opportunity for his Neo-Liberalism, with an unsavory Colonial Accent. 

The above just introductory! But Macron speaks/riffs on Colonial themes, like he lectures the gilets jaunes, and then expresses his political contempt for them , via police violence.  

“The priority is unconditional aid and support for the population,” … “We will be there for you and won’t give up on you.”…  “If reforms are not carried out, Lebanon will continue to sink,” 


It isn’t that Chloe Cornish in Beirut, Victor Mallet in Paris and Andrew England in London haven’t produced informative reporting. Its that this Newspaper’s Macron advocacy/apologetics is handled, indeed confected by the editors, although these reporters know the Party Line!

More of the same from Macron: 

“I will talk to all political forces to ask them for a new pact. I am here today to propose a new political pact to them,” …

The comments of ‘Lina Khatib, head of the Middle East programme at Chatham House.’ adds a bourgeois respectability to this ‘report’ except that Chatham Hose is Corporately funded: ExxonMobil Corporation, Chevron Ltd, AIG , etc:


The IMF. the EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen , nor Think Tank  Lina Khatib, whose comment…: 

‘ “without economic and political reform any aid given to Lebanon is only going to end up in the wrong hands”. ‘

Its ‘as if’ the Colonial Mentality is the parent of The New and Old Cold War. NGO’s , Think Tanks are the realization of politics by another means, via the ‘expertise’ of a class of well paid Technocrats. 

Old Socialist 





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