Like Paul & Luther, Bret Stephens shames The Heretics. Political Observer comments

The reader quickly realizes the ‘why’ of the Jerusalem Post hiring, of the 28 year old Bret Stephens, to be its editor. This newspaper is the propaganda arm of the Zionist State. And Stephens regurgitates the ever evolving rationales for this European Settler State, he knows it by wrote, but is also able to extemporize, at will, on its themes.
Mr. Stephens is given to impugning  his opponents, like the anguished Liberal Zionist Beinart. Reminding this reader of Paul,  in the commentary by Karl Barth, of  ‘The Epistle To The Romans’ or of Luther’s ‘1517 Disputation Against Scholastic Theology’ and his ‘The Heidelberg Disputation’ . Stephens is a zealot, that shares that commonality with the Protestant Reformation and its Biblical precursor.. 

The last two paragraphs of his essay is about the waning power of Jewish Identity, where such a concept appears as ineluctable, as conceived by Stephens, being the sine qua non of the Zionist State’s survival.

It used to be that Israelis depended on a secure and thriving American Jewry to help stand up their fragile state. Today it is American Jewry that is fragile, threatened by dwindling cultural influence, stagnant demographic trends, increasing alienation from the Democratic Party and abiding discomfort with the G.O.P., and rising anti-Semitism — sometimes masked as anti-Zionism — from across the political spectrum.

Should American Jews start looking for the exits — just as every other Diaspora community in history has done, and continues to do — they will be grateful to find a Jewish state that resisted the siren song of “one state.”

Isn’t the survival of this state predicated upon lavish economic support given by America? 

Headline: Key U.S. lawmakers want to boost Israel’s $38 billion defense aid package

Political Observer


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