On The Futurism of Edward Luce & Bret Stephens. Political Observer Comments

Futurism is now in vogue, as a tool for Pundits to enliven their jejune commentaries, an ersatz touchstone predicated on the imagination, rather than demonstrable fact.
Read Bret Stephens’ latest New York Times essay, as a necessary proof of the popularity of this journalistic sub-genre:

‘If Donald Trump stages another come-from-behind victory in November — helped, in all likelihood, by the collapse of public order in American cities — the Republican Party will become an oddity for the Trump Organization: the only entity it owns but does not brand. Not only will Trump remain in office for another term, but the Trumpers will also dominate the G.O.P. for another generation.

Look for Tom Cotton to be the likely nominee in 2024 (with — why not? — Laura Ingraham as his running mate).


Mr. Luce’s iteration of that Futurism: 

It is late October and Donald Trump has a surprise for you. Unlike the traditional pre-electioIn shock — involving war or imminent terrorist attack — this revelation is about hope rather than fear. The “China virus” has been defeated thanks to the ingenuity of America’s president. The US has developed a vaccine that will be available to all citizens by the end of the year. Get online and book your jab.

It is possible Mr Trump could sway a critical slice of voters with such a declaration. The bigger danger is that he would deepen America’s mistrust of science. A recent poll found that only half of Americans definitely plan to take a coronavirus vaccine. Other polls said that between a quarter and a third of the nation would never get inoculated.


Mr. Luce studiously avoids, in his pertinent, informative essay the part that Christian Fundamentalism has played. The Creationist Museum is a touchstone of the Anti-Science movement. But Mr. Luce also fails to factor in a very important component: the fact that Government has been guilty of the most egregious lies, to rationalize its actions. The reader need only look to the propaganda barrage, that preceded the ‘Iraq War’ , to see in detail that ‘Government’ is untrustworthy, to state it as blandly as possible. ‘Government’ had a very powerful ally in Corporate Media, which repeated these lies as if they were truth! 

Political Observer             

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