janan.ganesh@ft.com unmasks the presumptive successors to Trump. Old Socialist

That two books on Liberalism, not ‘liberalism’ as Mr. Ganesh would have it, have escaped his attention is no surprise, it might interfere with his political yarn spinning.

Liberalism at Large:The World According to the Economist by Alexander Zevin

Liberalism:A Counter-History by Domenico Losurdo

That Liberalism is toxic is not self-evident to Mr. Ganesh: he swims in its vast ocean of self-congratulation. A link to Anthony Scaramucci’s  August 22, 2019 essay as illustrative of a ‘threat to liberalism’ is vulgar political comedy.       

This paragraph offers Trump’s Populist successors: 

It is the next iteration of populism that should trouble them. Those who are expected to jostle for the Republican candidacy in 2024 are of Mr Trump’s persuasion, but not of his background. With rare exceptions — the Fox News host Tucker Carlson is one — none is a celebrity or political neophyte. They are US senators (Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley), former state governors (Nikki Haley, who once ran South Carolina), intelligence chiefs-turned-cabinet members (Mike Pompeo) and, in vice-president Mike Pence, a decade-long Congressman. Most are more culturally conservative than the president and all are better-equipped to turn their instincts into law. Even those who do not emerge as the party’s leader will help to shape the opposition to a Biden White House.

The notion that Biden will be the eventual nominee is proof that the cynical New Democrats have cast their spell on another gullible scribbler? Moving past the political chatter, the reader meets Senators Cotton and Hawley, who then take Center Stage.

The trouble starts when those with institutional knowledge embrace the same programme. And that trouble is coming. Senators Cotton and Hawley, the two youngest in that gerontocrat’s chamber, constitute the vanguard. If I say that Mr Hawley, who wishes to abolish the World Trade Organization, is the softie, you have a sense of their zeal. Mr Cotton does not want young Chinese studying hard sciences at US universities (Shakespeare is fine). Last month, he caused a rumpus at the New York Times with an incendiary column about the race protests, making a rightwing folk hero of this slightly rigid man. 

Cotton and Hawley are then subject to a trivializing characterization of ‘high-jinks’. Cotton’s essay in The New York Times: the editors of this newspaper sought out the Senator to write his essay. The Editors wouldn’t even defend their own collective  judgement, in a regretful retrospect.  

The ‘Lincoln Project’ is made up of the public relations team of  the Bush Family. Look to the invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq, as a clear demonstration of their collective toxic mendacity. The ‘as if’ here is that ‘we’ live in the United States of Amnesia! 

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