@FT , Janan Ganesh on Biden. Political Observer comments

Headline: US protests will change Biden’s safety-first campaign

Sub-headline: A more radical platform might emerge, and with it political risk

The collapse of The Neo-Liberal State continues in a concatenation of unpredictable events. At the still political center is Senile Old Joe, in every way the epitome of an utterly bankrupt Political Class. He is the champion of The Free Market and its corollary the Carceral State, but disappointingly a lion in winter?


Historians were rather late to the game of studying mass incarceration, which had already preoccupied scholars in Ethnic Studies, Political Science, Sociology, and elsewhere. And even as historians have turned greater attention to the history of prisons, policing, and surveillance, the field has remained robustly interdisciplinary. The carceral state is one of the subject areas—conservatism and capitalism being perhaps the other leading contenders—in which historians can best ply a critical interrogation of change over time to address matters of great social and political urgency in the present.


This a bit too highfalutin for Mr. Ganesh’s regular reader?  who look to this modern day Dandy, specializing in ‘Silver Fork’ political commentary: they like their political analgesic wreathed in Ganesh’s nearly beguiling chatter, masquerading as a very particular kind of knowledge, or better yet political prescience? 

Political Observer 



In reply to Itsacrazyworld:
Thank your for your comment. To recognize your comment as a ‘put down’, via Disraeli, is to miss its point. Your comment should be given the status it deserves: faint praise of the highest order, if that does not strain credulity, to the point of complete fracture?
Madam/Sir, I wish to pay homage to your admirable wit, and would be sagacity.
Best regards,


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