Janan Ganesh’s column of May 27, 2020 is rendered irrelevant by the March of Time & Events. Political Observer comments

Benjamin Disraeli wrote in praise of “Tory men and Whig measures”. Almost a century and a half since he was Britain’s premier, that mix remains the surest way to electoral glory, and not just there. It is, come to think of it, a serviceable definition of populism.

Its disappointing that this is the last the reader encounters Disraeli, in Mr. Ganesh essay, except for this wan last sentence:

Disraeli would not have balked at the price tag.

With a handsome photograph, of this famous politician, acting as an introduction to the Ganesh political commentary on the November American election. It appears to be a bit of self-serving misrepresentation.

To fill that void let me recommend Michael Flavin’s ‘Benjamin Disraeli: The Novel as Political Discourse’ 


As Flavin argues it, Disraeli used his novels as part of a complicated process of testing out political ideas and policies, in sum his political laboratory. The vexing question arises: What contemporary politician would possess such talent and vision even to write a novel or to use it as a means of thinking through political ideas and actions? I attempted to read Vivian Grey , but gave up when Disraeli shifted the narrative from English political life, to European context and my interest plummeted.

All of this I wrote yesterday, and now the unforeseeable: Riots in Minneapolis, over the police murder of George Floyd, caught on video, as he was murdered! An echo of the Eric Garner murder? But this time the exposure was almost instantaneous via twitter . 

All Mr. Ganesh’s labored political advice, speculation and chatter comes to naught? in light of an act of violence committed by Officers of the Court, sworn to protect and serve, against a black America citizen. One can only marvel at the fact that Ganesh’s essay has been overtaken by an unpredictable event, the descriptor unprecedented has no place here! 

What Ganesh omits in his speculations, and would be political strategizing, is the fact that time and history, in there duel march forward, presents conundrums that a would-be  technocrats cannot predict.

Trump’s racism was established by his vicious campaign against ‘The Central Park Five’, the absence of Omarosa Manigault ,and his defense of the Charlottesville white thugs puts the president in an utterly negative position. Toxic bellicosity defines his politics 

On the question of Senile Old Joe : releasing video from his basement is not a political campaign! Joe penchant for self serving lies, and his draconian Crime Bill: the videos of his speeches are all available on YouTube. The burning question, just how will the New Democrats engineer Senile Old Joe’s departure? 

Political Observer



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