‘The Myth of Globalism Under Threat’ . Political Observer extemporizes on a theme.

Title Mr. Rachman’s latest essay  ‘The Myth of Globalism Under Threat’. When all else fails melodrama! Not forgetting that Rachman’s faith in ‘Globalism’, recalls to me the long forgotten Eric Hoffer, and his book The True Believer’

‘Globalization’ is, in fact,  Neo-Liberalism writ large. In sum , the Corporatization of the World, that puts the governance, control of the Nation State, in the hands of a Corporate Technocracy, who supplant the role once played by political office holders, to write ‘Laws’ like NAFTA, TPP, TTIP that replace, to use shorthand, Democracy with the rule of *Technocracy.
The propaganda that Mr. Rachman enunciates is that ‘Globalism’ is our ‘Radiant Future’ to borrow the title from Aleksandr Zinoviev novel. But the Social/Economic/Political Engineering of Monnet’s Cartel, the Common Market, that ‘evolved’ into to the E.U., was exposed as a complete fraud, by former Eurocrat Bernard Connolly’s ‘The Rotten Heart of Europe‘.
Add to that the stark lessons of the Greek Crisis. Not to forget Brexit, as one of the precursors of the faltering Capitalist Collectivism, know respectably as the E.U. and the pseudo-utopian ‘Globalism’.
Another way to think about this ,in fitting analogical terms, is compare this to the rise of Monotheism in answer to the a faltering Paganism, if that isn’t …

Nationalism/Paganism vs. Globalism/Monotheism could describe the outlines of a  New Paradigm? to vulgarize Thomas Kuhn.

*Note that Walter Lippmann’s ‘Liberalism’ was based on a faith that Technocrats were a check against too much Democracy! 

Political Observer


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