@FT Courtney Weaver & Lauren Fedor on the Sanders’ victory in New Hampshire. Political Observer comments

The headline below and its ‘reporting’:

Headline: Sanders secures narrow victory in New Hampshire primary


Added to this headline and sub-headline:

Bernie Sanders’ early strength worries Democratic leaders

Prospect of nomination of most anti-establishment presidential candidate since 1972


The McGovern comparison shows that James Pinketon’s political obsession travels well over the decades. (It happens that Mr. Pinkerton graduated high school in 1975, which makes him approximately fifteen years old in 1972.) Add to this Courtney Weaver and Lauren Fedor have made good use of the New Democratic ‘technocrats’  who are advising Sen. Sanders opponents. Not to forget, and two anonymous personages:

Zac Petkanas, Roger Lau, ‘One Democratic donor’ and by ‘one Democratic strategist’

Add to this toxic mix, the hysterical comments of the two Corporate Media hirelings,  Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews, and the political grotesques Mika & Joe and their coterie.  Let me ‘revise’ Zbigniew Brzezinski’s comment on Joe, who in another political context called Joe’s knowledge ‘stunningly superficial’.

Courtney Weaver and Lauren Fedor aquit themselves with more political/ideological aplomb, while carefully following the Party Line on Left-Wing Social Democrat Sanders: the Neo-Liberal’s will not go quietly!

Political Observer




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