My reply @Cpl. Jones

Cpl. Jones, thank you for your, brief ,but thought provoking comment.

To ignore Corbyn’s catastrophic stand on Brexit in all its wishy-washyness is the very crux of his defeat in the election. If Corbyn had only had the courage of his convictions, and been Pro-Brexit, instead of courting political respectability of another ‘referendum’, his campaign would have made sense, to those who voted for the Posh Boy dullard Boris.

Corbyn is and will remain a Left-Wing Social Democrat, in sum, fully a part of a long and valuable political tradition, except in the Age of Neo-Liberal Tony Blair, which, in sum, has evolved into the cherished notion of ‘Moderation’.  Blair’s actual mentor Mrs. Thatcher and her Hayekian political/social psychopathology, in a more carefully massaged and packaged version: see Edward L. Bernays ‘public relations’ bible    ‘Propaganda’.

Here is Samuel Brittan, in the pages of this newspaper, circa 2013, explicating Mrs. Thatcher’s inherent personal/political nihilism.

Headline:Thatcher was right – there is no ‘society’

Sub-headline: Aid for the poor, or distressed regions, must come from the citizens of the country concerned



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