New Democrat James Carville on the mortal danger of Bernie Sanders. Political Observer comments

It’s not just New Democrat James Carville, political expert and fixer who helped Bill Clinton to win in 1992: forget Bush looking at his watch, during the debates, and the prescient Ross Perot’s interjection into the campaign, that fated Clinton’s victory?  Now Carville is having a hissy- fit about Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton’s been at its for years, and its has just intensified as he moves closer power. The Squad and Tulsi Gabbard are just his natural allies. Note that the New Democrats have political friends in the Neo-Cons, Bret Stephens and on the Right, Rich Lowry :

Headline: Bernie’s Angry Bros

Sub-headline: The Sanders online army resembles President Trump’s most ardent supporters in more ways than either side might care to admit.

Barbara Boxer minces no words when it comes to describing the people usually known as the Bernie Bros — a subset of Bernie Sanders supporters who hope to take over the Democratic Party and remake it in their image.

“There is so much negative energy; it’s so angry,” says the former four-term Democratic senator from California. “You can be angry about the unfairness in the world. But this becomes a personal, deep-seated anger at anyone who doesn’t say exactly what you want to hear.”

I ran into Boxer earlier this week and got to talking about a superb report in The Times by my colleagues Matt Flegenheimer, Rebecca R. Ruiz and Nellie Bowles: “Bernie Sanders and His Internet Army.” The piece briefly mentions a 2016 incident in which Boxer went to Nevada to try to unify the party after Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders in the state’s caucus.


Rich Lowry his column of January 19, 2020, the last two paragraphs are instructive

Headline: Rich Lowry: Bernie a clear danger to the public welfare

His foreign policy bears the stamp of soft spots for the communist regimes in Nicaragua and the Soviet Union. He called the killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani an assassination. He condemned the ouster of Bolivia’s leftist autocrat Evo Morales, who has called Sanders “brother.” He won’t call Venezuelan strongman Nicolas Maduro a dictator, but slams Benjamin Netanyahu as a “racist.” He has said his vote to authorize the war in Afghanistan after the Sept. 11 attacks was a mistake.

Sanders does indeed have his charms. He is sincere, consistent and inarguably himself. He now has a step on frenemy Elizabeth Warren in the leftist lane in the primaries because he is not as painfully calculating as she is. But make no mistake: Sanders is a socialist continuing his takeover attempt of the Democratic Party to forge what he aptly calls a political revolution. He may be more polite than Trump, but he is wildly outside the mainstream and a clear and present danger to the public welfare.

The notion of ‘the public welfare’ in the rhetoric of Lowry is heretical.

A report on John Kerry’s Anti-Bernie remarks, reported on February 02, 2020:

Headline:’Sanders taking down the Democratic Party’: John Kerry overheard talking about potential 2020 bid

Former Secretary of State John Kerry was overheard talking about the potential steps he would have to take to enter the 2020 presidential race.

Kerry, who has been campaigning for former Vice President Joe Biden, cited “the possibility of Bernie Sanders taking down the Democratic Party — down whole” as the reason for potentially entering the race. An NBC News analyst overheard part of the conversation while Kerry, 76, was talking on the phone in the lobby restaurant of the Renaissance Savery hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, on Sunday.

“Maybe I’m f—ing deluding myself here,” Kerry said, explaining that he would have to step down from the board of Bank of America and stop making paid speeches.

The Left is the favored target of both the Neo-Liberals, Carville, The Clinton’s, John Kerry and a host of fellow-travelers, the Conservatives like Rich Lowry and the Neo-Cons like Bret Stephens.

The pressing question for 2020: will the New Democratic Party and its Clinton loyalists subvert the Reform Wing of the Party, Sanders, The Squad and Tulsi Gabbard? We already see the evidence of the Iowa Caucuses, as the demonstration of the inept and mendacious  Clinton apparatchiks.


P. S. Tulsi Gabbard’s defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton might offer what?





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