On Britain’s December 2019 election: The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, The Economist. Old Socialist comments

Niall Ferguson repeats the stale Party Line of the failing alliance between the Neo-Liberals and the Neo-Conservatives ! ‘Deadlocked Democracy’ is his political extemporizing on this theme. This has become the momentary article of faith for the editors of The Financial Times,  expressed as ‘no good choices’ :

Headline: Britain’s fateful election offers no good choices

Sub-headline:The main parties have abandoned the centre. A realignment is needed


Bagehot* of The Economist frames the British election as ‘Truth has been the first casualty’ , followed by an illustration of the kind of defamation The Economist editors practiced against Corbyn, early in his political ascendancy:

Headline: Truth has been the first casualty of Britain’s election

Sub-headline: An epidemic of lying is proving corrosive to liberal democracy


Surprise! This trinity of propaganda outlets were central political actors in their campaign to codify Neo-Liberalism’s Social Darwinism, posing  not just as ‘Economic Theory’, but as the Moral Imperative of Freedom! The collapse  in 2008 ,has not dimmed the fanaticism of the acolytes of this nihilistic hybrid.

The Gig Economy: The watershed of their thwarted ambition, wedded to their  greed and mendacity, and sharing in the American blood-lust equaling Perpetual Wars of Empire, familiar British territory:  The Midwives of Boris find it impossible to face their individual and collective responsibility for assisting in his ‘political birth’. While the utterly incompetent Mrs. May plays the role uninspired caretaker.

In Britain Corbyn has been defamed by all three of these publications. Not to mention political fiction writer Jonathan Freedland’s unfounded charges in The Guardian, of Anti-Semitism!  Corbyn, a Democratic Socialist , is the enemy of a ‘Liberal Tradition’ based upon a fiction of political/moral virtue, that has been maladroitly stitched together: Liberalism’s murderous history, presented by its advocates/apologists as both virtuous and ineluctable – the historical antidote to this mythology is offered by ‘Liberalism: A Counter-History’ by Domenico Losurdo

Old Socialist

*Here is Bagehot’s (Adrian Wooldridge) CV as posted at The Economist:

Adrian Wooldridge is The Economist‘s political editor and writes the Bagehot column; an analysis of British life and politics, in the tradition of Walter Bagehot, editor of The Economist from 1861-77. Adrian also used to write the Schumpeter column on business, finance and management. He was previously based in Washington, DC, as the Washington bureau chief where he also wrote the Lexington column. Prior to his role in Washington, he has been The Economist‘s West Coast correspondent, management correspondent and Britain correspondent. He is  the co-author of “The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea”, “A Future Perfect: The Challenge and Hidden Promise of Globalisation”, “Witch Doctors”, a critical examination of management theory, and “The Right Nation”, a study of conservatism in America.  His most recent books are “The Great Disruption: How Business Is Coping With Turbulent Times (2015) and “Masters of Management: How the Business Gurus and their Ideas have Changed the World—for Better and for Worse” (2011).




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